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We are Celebrating our 52nd Anniversary!!

Power Brake Exchange, Inc. is a high quality REMANUFACTURING plant. We operate out of a combined 37,000 square foot building with additional core storage of another 15,000 sq. ft. We are one of the largest power brake rebuilders in the United States.  We carry more than 6,500 SKU’s, in Power Brake Boosters, Power Steering Pumps, Gear Boxes, and Rack and Pinion.


 We offer an R & R (Rebuild & Return) service for the rare and antique units, or if the customer would like to have their own unit rebuilt.  We also offer Concourse (Points Cars) Rebuilding.  For an additional fee, we have plating and powder coating available for any of our parts.


 As a remanufacturer, we replace 100% of all critical components.  Unlike most of the remanufacturing companies who test products by batch (one out 10); at Power Brake Exchange, we test each individual unit to make sure each of our products are built to OEM specifications.  With special equipment we have developed, along with a Bendix analyzer test machine, every unit is tested before leaving our plant.


With our quality rebuilding we have one of the highest product ratings.

 Nostalgic Units
 Domestic Booster
 Hydroboost Unit
 Conversion Booster
Steering Pumps
Foreign Car Unit
Hydrovac Units
Gear Boxes
Rack And Pinion
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